USA to Canada Cross Border Swim sponsored by Finis.


I am excited to announce that Finis have agreed to be official sponsors of the upcoming USA to Canada cross border swim between Oroville WA and Osoyoos BC. They will be providing most of my gear for the swim and in particular a Hydro Tracker GPS unit which will attach to my goggle straps to officially record the statistics of the swim including the route, distance and times.




I am particularly pleased to have Finis play a part in this swim because I have been big fan of their gear for a while now, as anybody that has seen my swim kit bag will attest. My winter pool training sessions see me using a full range of Finis gear including  Agility paddles, Freestyle snorkel, forearm fulcrums and my favourite pull buoy which has the nickname Bumblebee.

I have also used a Finis Hydro Tracker GPS unit during my open water swims including all of my extreme cold water swims and both of Canada’s official ice swims. A couple of years ago I wrote a product review which can be read here,

 Finis Hydro Tracker Product Review.

During an ice swim in March 2013 I was even able to test the Finis product side by side with one it’s more expensive Garmin rivals, Finis even shared this second review on their website. The findings of that comparison test can be found here:

Ice Swim 2013 | Finis Hydro Tracker v’s Garmin Forerunner 910 XT.

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